Pete’s Custom Car Shop

Custom Car LLC

Located in Grand Meadow, MN

33 Years Experience

Experience and Services

Car & Truck


Small Engine

Farm Tractor

Semi Tractor/Trailer

Lawn & Garden Equipment

Construction Equipment

Welding and Fabrication



Hourly shop rate $30 and $25 minimun charge.

Basic 5qt. Oil and Filter change will be $20 plus the cost of oil and filter and other parts if needed.

Lawn and Garden and Small Engines will have a minimun charge of $10

Hourly Mobile rate $50/hr. & 50¢/mile. Minimun charge of $250 may apply.

OBDII Code check $25.

*Rates are subject to my discretion and or change.


Find Root Cause of the problem without replacing un-necessary parts.

Old Fashion Service with Old Fashion Price.

Attention to detail.

Customer Satisfaction.


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These Amazon products are items that I have purchased and use. I only recommend products and items that I would use myself. I also will receive a commission if you click my links and purchase. Thanks.

Air Conditioning Service

ASE Certified

Retrofit of R12

R134a & R1234yf Recharge and repair

Brake Service

Disc and Drum full replacement and repair


Battery Load Test and Computerized Analysis

Starter Draw Computerized Test

Alternator Charging Test

Wiring, Lights and Radio upgrades etc.

Full-system Diagnosis for 96 & newer OBDII


Chrysler Odometer Correction

Chrysler Proxi Alignment

note: I upgraded a 2015 Jeep Renegade cluster from 3.5″ to the 7″ TFT and performed the correction and alignment successfully.


Create and install custom decals, signage and designs

Lock-Out Service

Home or Auto

Key Fob Programming (some models)

Regular Key Cutting


Oil, Transmission and Differantial fluid change

Chassis lube

Air Filter, Cabin Filter Replacement Service

Full fluid check and top-off

Tire Pressure check

Tire Rotation with TPMS Position Reset

Drivetrain, suspension and steering part replacement

Water Pump Replacement

Strut Replacement

Mobile Repair Service

I can come to you for some of the listed services

PC Repair

Fix, Upgrade or Disposal

Small Engine, Lawn & Garden


Carburetor repair

Chain Saw repair

Perfect Edge Blade Sharpening

Timing Belt Replacement

Chains or belts

Tune-Up Service

Sparkplugs, Igintion wires and Fuel filter replacement

Vehicle Inspection

Basic look over inspection

121 point inspection


Aluminum and Steel Repair

Tig, Mig and Gas


Ford 3.5 water pump and timing chain replacement.

Chevy 2.4 Ecotec timing chain replacement.


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