The Eclipse of the Full Beaver Moon Nov. 30 2020

It will be the first “Full Moon” of Winter and is set to be an partial Penumbral eclipse, the Earth will be in-between the Sun and the Moon hence casting the Earth’s shadow on the Moon. The eclipse is set to take place in the sign of Gemini on Nov. 30th 2020 starting at 1:30 am. to 5 am.

The name “Beaver Moon” comes from the Native American Indians for the purpose of tracking the seasons. Also referred to as a “Frosty Moon” it indicates a seasonal end to trapping Beavers due to Beaver dams freezing and the Beavers go into hibernation.

The Full Moon eclipse in the sign of Gemini will put your priorities on center stage and give you the opportunity to act on them and the ability communicate our emotions with openness being careful not to be to open. Also during this time you will be able to sweep away what no longer serves you and make it impossible to ignore what you truly want.

Beavers were hunted for their pelts, castoreum and meat. Beaver hats were a fashion, and castoreum was used in medicine, food and perfumes. 

Full Moon Names:

  • January ~ Wolf Moon
  • February ~ Snow Moon
  • March ~ Worm Moon
  • April ~ Pink Moon
  • May ~ Flower Moon or Blood Moon
  • June ~ Strawberry Moon
  • July ~ Buck Moon
  • August ~ Sturgeon Moon
  • September ~ Harvest or Corn Moon
  • October ~ Harvest or Hunter’s Moon
  • November ~ Beaver Moon
  • December ~ Long Night’s or Cold Moon

I have recently discovered a new passion for astronomy and with my new hobby of astrophotography I can’t wait to see if I can capture some images of this Full Beaver Moon!

I took this photo at 1:04 am. it was very cold outside about 20 degrees so I just held the camera by hand and took the shot. I continued to watch and wait for the eclipse to start but I fell asleep around 2:45 am. and missed the eclipse. If anyone has a picture they would like to share please contact me. The second photo was the night before.

Photo taken by Pete01507 on 11-30-20
Photo taken by Pete01507 on 11/28/20


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