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Lifting Magnet Systems and Development

I will try to outline the basics of what is involved in running a scrap magnet and what it takes to build and develop a system. I have over 15 years of personal experience and

“Super-Flower-Blood-Moon” with Total Lunar Eclipse Wednesday 5/26/21

Wednesday’s Super Flower Blood Moon will be one to watch! The Moon will enter Earths umbra or shadow early in the morning for the first time in almost two and a half yea

My Jeep Renegade Adventure

It was time for me to make a vehicle upgrade, my current car has done more that I could have expected with 308,000 miles and no breakdowns that left me stranded I will keep it

Tips and Tricks to increase Fuel Mileage

Prices at the pump are on the rise. Here are a few things to help save some gas and stretch your mpg. Vehicle Maintenance. To get the most mileage from your vehicle it is nece

Astronomical Event Calendar 2021

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The Last Full Moon of 2020 “Cold Moon”

December’s full moon the “Cold Moon” on the 29th is the last full moon of the year also sometimes called “Long Night Moon” because it indicates t

Arduino Code for ESP32 to Fade in and out the On-Board LED with PWM

Pulse-width modulation on an ESP32 module is achieved using the LED control (LEDC) peripheral and is primarily designed to control the intensity of LED’s. The ESP32 has

How to use 5050 RGB LED Strip with Arduino

I ordered a couple of these strips on eBay in hopes of making a lighted box sign also I thought it would be cool to play around with but after making a prototype board for my

Geminid Meteor Shower to peak on December 13-14, 2020

The Geminid meteor shower is set to peak with up to 150 Meteors per hour on Sunday night Dec. 13th. and into Monday morning. The meteors are derived from the “rock comet

Jupiter and Saturn set to be in the closest alignment in 800 years

Update: I will post new pictures every few days so we can see the progression. Latest pictures will be at the bottom of this page. Also called: “Christmas Star” wh