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The Eclipse of the Full Beaver Moon Nov. 30 2020

It will be the first “Full Moon” of Winter and is set to be an partial Penumbral eclipse, the Earth will be in-between the Sun and the Moon hence casting the Earth

1987 Chevy C4 Corvette for sale

SOLD 5-29-2021 1987 Chevy Corvette Car is in excellent condition and can be driven anywhere, it’s a driver not a show car.  Meticulously maintained.  Would mak

I need help with “slow to load” WordPress GoBlog theme website

Update 10-8-2020: I removed a couple of widgets my twitter feed and my Ambient Weather widget and now my score has improved to 68/44. I had these widgets on my original non-Wo

PIC Microchip Microcontroller LED Turn Signal Flasher PIC16F872

This project we will make a LED turn signal flasher. I made this because I installed LED light bulbs in my car to save ware and tare on the alternator but a normal flasher wil

Rochester Minnesota Welcomes President Donald J. Trump

UPDATE Peaceful Protest Rally Time 1 pm. Friday: There were about 1000 people waiting to see the President when I arrived and grew to a massive crowd 20k+ by the time the Pres

Programming a PIC Microcontroller in Assembly Code, Blink an LED PIC16F877A

PIC Project #1 “Blink” This code is useful for such projects as a car turn signal flasher for when you upgrade to LED lights. Another project I am working on is a

Who will you vote for in the 2020 US Presidential Election?

I just found out today that my county Mower in Minnesota for Township voting is just accepting mail-in ballot voting. I just wonder how many people are unaware of this? Now I

Adding WordPress to my Website and Customizing the GoBlog Theme has just added a WordPress Blog Website. I have been experimenting with different themes and I have found it to be extremely difficult and frustrating compared t